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Let's make some art


Let's make some art


Congratulations and thank you for booking your Portrait Session at Family as Art.

To complete your booking please ensure that you have viewed and where appropriate completed each of the steps below.

Please follow the link to the Payment Page.  Your payment is due no less than a week before your scheduled session. FAMILY AS ART SHALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR SESSION DATE OR TO GIVE IT TO ANOTHER CLIENT IF IT DOES NOT RECEIVE THE SESSION FEE one week before YOUR SESSION IS SCHEDULED.

Once you have completed your booking please take some time to fill in the planning survey below.

If you are attending a newborn session please take the time to go over the checklist below.

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Tips for success

Tips for success

It can be daunting at the best of times preparing for a photoshoot and even more so than ever in the last stages of pregnancy and shortly after the birth of your baby. The following guide is designed to help you overcome any worries you might have and prepare you so that we can have the best possible session and create astounding works of art.


The first question from clients about my maternity sessions is always what to wear, especially because most expecting mamas are (unnecessarily) self-conscious about their new bodies. Whilst my sessions are always tailored to your needs and expectations I think that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman's blossoming belly and this is your one time to let your belly show.

You can't go wrong if you bring a few of the items from this check list and together we'll select the best items:

  • a basic white or gray tank top
  • a lingerie set and slip dress or long flowing dress
  • a good combination of tight fitting clothing to show off your bump

I also have a selection of wraps, fabrics and clothing that can be used to add a little extra glamour to your shoot. Try to keep your colour choices and palette to pastels and neutrals only so that we can keep the look simple, feminine and beautiful.


Simple clothing is best for newborn sessions. Mid-tones look best; cream, soft pink or even charcoal. Feel free to select a few items from the checklist:

  • a non fitting sundress in ivory or light earth tones
  • a pair of leggings with a long tunic

In the studio I have a variety of wraps and tube dresses that will allow you to reveal just enough skin to show you and your baby's bond; skin to skin. 

  • for Papa, I suggest a pair of jeans with a plain white or tan/oatmeal t-shirt or a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked

If Papa is prepared to go topless in one shot the result can be incredibly beautiful and is a very powerful image.

For young siblings I will ask boys to go topless and will wrap girls in a simple light fabric. Older siblings could choose from the following:

  • plain white t-shirt 
  • neutral coloured sundress
  • light, floaty, neutral coloured party dress

Please avoid any clothing with logos or designs as we want the focus of your portrait to be on your little baby. 

Your baby will be photographed naked for this session. Whilst I understand that it's very exciting to buy beautiful clothes for your precious one, but newborn clothes rarely fit well and fail to show the delicateness of every detail that is your new baby. I have a large number of wraps, swaddles and accessories that we can use to give your portrait a little extra something.

If you would like to bring your own accessories  I would ask that you take a look at my recommended suppliers and feel free to check with me before placing an order (please note that this is not essential as I have plenty of items in the studio, and that shipping can take some time so purchases should be made well in advance):



What to expect

from your newborn session

What to expect

from your newborn session

A newborn session is quite different to a family portrait session. A lot of time is spent feeding, rocking, shushing the baby until they are nice and sleep, with full little tummies and are ready to create those really sweet poses. 

When you arrive I will ask you to undress your baby, leaving the nappy on (at first). Ideally you will have already fed your little one just before you left the house so we should be able to get started straight away. With awake babies I typically start by swaddling them and posing them in a range of baskets and props. Once I feel that baby's nice a sleepy I'll remove the nappy and continue the session with baby posed on the beanbag. During this time I would ask that you sit beside the beanbag and watch your baby whilst I shoot. Whilst it is very rare, babies can startle out of a position and it's important that you are watching them the whole time so that you can keep them settled and safe. 

During the session we will also capture some "relationship" portraits of you with your baby, and with your partner of older children. Sibling shots tend to work best at the start of the session and then please have a´someone available to take your older children to the park, home etc. The session is very long and boring for young children. 

The studio is kept very very warm to keep baby settled. Please remember to come dressed for the tropical environment and also with a change of clothes for you, your partner and siblings as sessions can get "messy".

On that note...! There is a very high chance that your baby will, at some point make a little (or a lot) of mess! Please trust me when I say this is completely normal and no problem for me at all. It's all part of the job!

*Whilst my goal is to meet and exceed all your portrait expectations for the session, my priority is your baby's comfort and well being. I never make a baby pose in position that is uncomfortable or unsafe. From time to time baby will wake up during posing and may make a little noise, this is usually just because they are disturbed and would like to go back to sleep. I quickly settle them down and continue, however if baby is showing that they do not like a particular pose (and all babies are different and have different preferences) then I will skip that pose and move on.

Your Art

Approximately two weeks after your session you'll be invited back to the studio to view your gallery. At this design meeting we'll be able to discus in detail what products would best suit your home and your needs. You'll be able to browse all the samples that I have on stock and using a special artwork design app you'll see a display of your art work on the walls of your home. You need only take a picture the wall that you intend to hang your portrait on using your phone camera with an A4 piece of paper somewhere on the wall and using this I will be able to show you examples of groupings and sizes that will compliment your decor.

Feel free to bring a friend or family member to accompany you. I'll have refreshments available and together we will design the perfect collection for you.

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Do you do family photography or weddings?
At this time my focus is on newborn and maternity portraiture however, many of my clients grow their collection of portraits over time and I’m honoured to help them create a magnificent legacy of their family’s growth by offering these families portrait shoots to mark their milestones and celebrate their connections.

Full family sessions (on location or in the studio) are exclusively available to returning clients and include a 1-1 1/2 hour photo session and an online gallery showcasing 30 stunning images of your family as it grows.


How do I schedule my newborn photo session when I don’t know when s/he will be born?
Just tell me your estimated due date and then I’ll block off some time around that. I only shoot a limited number of newborn sessions a month to ensure that I have plenty of re-scheduling space. When your baby arrives please contact me as soon as you can and we will set a specific date from there.  I ask that newborn sessions are held within 10 days of birth…that is when you’re going to get the most cooperation for all those adorable newborn poses. The MOST important thing, however, is to book your session as soon as you can WHILE you’re pregnant. Please don’t wait until your baby is born as my schedule fills up very quickly and I don’t want you to be left without newborn images.


Do you offer a “Baby’s First Year” package?
Mini sessions are a perfect way to supplement your Newborn Session to mark those milestones as your baby grows into a toddler. These mini’s are exclusively available to clients who have had their newborn session with me and can take place any time within the first year. 

Most clients do the following: 

Maternity Session in the 3rd trimester, a newborn session within 10 days of birth, a mini session session at around 6 months, and then one at 1 year to get the full representation of your baby’s first year. 

Mini Sessions cost 120€ and include a 30-45 minute session, an online gallery of 15 images.


Can you photograph a birthday party, family reunion, or do you offer event photography?

I do not offer event photography or sessions for large family groups/extended family but if you’re interested in this please get in touch so I can send you the contacts for my recommended photographers.


What should I/we wear to the session? How can I pick the right clothing?
Please take a look at my clothing guide for suggestions. I also have a number of stunning maternity gowns and wraps, newborn hats and head bands and some simple pieces of clothing which you can choose from in the studio. 


Where will we hold the session? Do I come to your studio? What are some good locations?
Newborn and mini sessions are always held in my 2nd district studio. The studio is designed to offer you the utmost comfort at this special time. Maternity sessions are also primarily held in the studio but can also take place in an outdoor location if you’d prefer. It’s very important that we work together to determine the best location as lighting and background are crucial for creating magical, timeless portraits.


I’d like to share my pictures with my family, can I buy the digital files? 

Each package comes will a full set of digital files for you to use as you wish. Packages start at 750€ 

That being said, I passionately believe that photographs should be tangible. We should be able to hold them, gift them, frame them and hang them on the wall. They should be treasured and looked upon by our children and our children’s children. 

Can you imagine a floppy disk, a DVD, a flash drive (or whatever technology moves on to next), sitting in a frame representing your family’s legacy for generations to come?

Please also be aware that not all photo labs are created equally. Quality printing is crucial to ensure the correct colour and density and  professional mounting is important for the final product. 

In an age of digital technology and social media I do understand the importance of being able to share your images.  Which is why any order of over 300€ will entitle you to receive your favourite 15 images as a mobile Appwhich is a great way to share your images and have them with you on the go. 

I would like to buy a canvas for my home but I have no idea how to decide on the size or location. Can you help?

Absolutely! Using special software I can show you examples of your artwork on the walls of your home. You need only take a snapshot of your wall, with a A4 paper stuck somewhere to it and I will produce mockups of your portraits in a variety of different groupings and sizes.

We have decided to purchase the Album Collection, but we also need gifts for grandparents and family members. What do you suggest?

It is wonderful to be able to offer family members gifts from your session and the items on my a la carte menu are perfect for this. 

Do you offer classes or can you show me how to use my camera?

I love teaching and hold 4 workshops a year which are designed to show you how to get the most out of your DSLR camera and capture candid family moments yourself. For more details please contact me at