You have cleared your schedule as the session will take 2-3 hours.
Baby should receive a full feed just before leaving home.
Try to schedule this feed in plenty of time. Sessions start at 9.30 so please plan for your route to get to the studio and a good 30-40 minute feed, burp, change etc (I know how crazy things can be in the first weeks and this may all seem daunting but I promise your efforts will be rewarded!)
If there is time a bath on the morning of the session will work wonders for tiring out your baby.
I understand that this may add to the mayhem of your morning, leave out this step if it seems too much.
If you are bottle feeding please bring extra formula.
Please bring more than you would normally use in a 4 hour period as your baby WILL feed more often during this time.
Bring several schnullers/pacifiers.
This is really important, even if you don't plan to use them again.
The studio will be VERY warm. Please dress in layers so that you can comfortably remove some clothing to prevent you from overheating.
Session are MESSY. Please bring a spare change of clothes for yourself and your partner to go home in.