Usually one the first questions I am asked by families is "what should we wear", and it is a very important question. What your family wears for your session can make or break your final portraits and with some careful planning you can create a look that is both timeless and beautiful and fits to the style of your family and home.

For studio sessions I usually recommend dressing the whole family in neutrals; white, creams etc. For smaller children and babies I still feel that their fresh, rosy skin is best of all and advise a simple white body or neutral coloured romper. Boys can go topless or with little suspenders.

For outdoor sessions, feel free to get a little more creative. It can be fun to choice a bold pattern or floral design for one member and then the rest of the family more simply. Try choosing a colour that you like, for example grey and dressing everyone in shades of every except for that one person who you dress in a splash of colour, for example yellow. You could also add a yellow accessory to one of the grey outfits.

Important to remember if dressing the whole family you should view the entire family choices as though you were creating one outfit. You wouldn't dress yourself in stripes, spot and floral at once so avoid doing this when putting together your wardrobe for the day. 

Textured clothing such as lace looks wonderful on Mama's as do detailed necklines, pretty sleeves.

If all else fails, keep it simple, no big, busy designs or logos and stick to just a few key colours.

Have a think about your hair and makeup. There's no need to go overboard here, but a little special touch here and there can go a long way in creating stunning portraits. Feel free to enquire about my in house make-up artist who specialising in natural, organic looks.

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration so feel free to take a look at my "what to wear" boards