Time to Master your family as art

isi snow angel.jpg

It all started when…

I began this photographic journey when I gave birth to my own tiny pieces of art. I knew that I had to record them the way that I saw them. iPhone snaps wouldn't cut it. Flat, dull images would not do the job. I wanted to learn how to capture an image that could transport me back to a time and a feeling. I wanted my kids to view those images and feel the warmth of an autumn sun on their faces, hear the laughter in the back garden or smell the scent of spring in the air.

I set about learning everything I could about artist photography and impactful imagery. 

Now you can too!

I'm looking for a handful of volunteers who would like to learn these skills and would be interested in attending a small scale, filmed workshop where I will talk them through the basics of handling their DSLR camera in manual mode and how to work with the available light in order to capture death taking portraits of their family. 

I'm looking for the following volunteers:

  • two people who have children under 1 year old,
  • one with a 1-3 year old
  • one with 2 or more children aged 5 plus.

If you are interested please get in touch at contact@dianamoschitz.com