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Newborn Collective, what to expect...

These are the ultimate fine art newborn sessions. During our time together I'll  photograph every detail of your baby and capture the beautiful bond that is beginning to develop between your baby and all the members of your family. Siblings are welcome, however it's a good idea to bring them some form of entertainment as sessions are very warm and quite dull for little ones.

Please be sure to feed your baby just before leaving the house to ensure that upon arrival we have a happy, sleepy baby.

When you arrive I'll undress and wrap your baby in a swaddling blanket to keep them comfortable.  Whilst I understand that it's very exciting to buy beautiful clothes for your precious one, but newborn clothes rarely fit well and fail to show the delicateness of every detail that is your new baby. 

For the rest of the family simple, mid-tone clothing is best; cream, white, soft pink or even light grey. Textured items, lace and layers add a great touch.

The studio wardrobe includes a number of dresses that you are more than welcome to borrow. Have a think about your hair and makeup. There's no need to go overboard here, but a little special touch here and there can go a long way in creating stunning portraits

For Papas, I suggest a pair of jeans with a plain white or tan/oatmeal t-shirt or a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked

If Papa is prepared to go topless in one shot the result can be incredibly beautiful and is a very powerful image.

For young siblings I will ask boys to go topless and will wrap girls in a simple light fabric. Older siblings could choose from the following:

  • plain white t-shirt 
  • neutral coloured sundress
  • light, floaty, neutral/mid-tone coloured party dress

Please avoid any clothing with logos or designs as we want the focus of your portrait to be on your little baby.