Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consultation

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Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consultation

from 1,000.00

This very intensive offering includes:

  • 2 days training, during which time we will analyse your set-up and together we will discover the best use of light in your space and how to aesthetically use your range of props, wraps and studio clothing.
  • Use of a stand-in-baby to ensure that you fully understand how each set up should be photographed, which angles you'll be capturing and how to see the light
  • 2 live models
  • Authentic Newborn Workbook
  • Continuous support in the form of regular email communication, 1 hour Skype check-in calls every 8 weeks for the following 6 months
  • Access to Elevation Platform Facebook Group

NB. You will be responsible for finding a model/client and all model releases required.  

Investment: 3500€, the non-refundable deposit of €1500 is to be paid at the time of booking. Re-scheduling is not possible so please have a back-up model/client in case of last minute cancellations. 

Availability is limited - I only accept 1 new mentee a month to ensure that I have the capacity to offer ongoing support.

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