Pricing Guide 15% reduced


Pricing Guide 15% reduced

I believe in the the tangibility of art I create, that the true value of these sessions is the Heirloom Portrait that will hang in your home to be treasured every day or the Fine Art Album which you’ll leaf lovingly through in quiet moments as your baby grows and changes and which one day will sit on another bookshelf and other hands will touch those pages that have become so familiar to you and they will know that they were adored from the very beginning of time. 

As a member of my inner circle I'm thrilled to be able to offer you a 15% discount on all products listed - reduced price is indicated.

Grow with me packages are available and include discounts for multiple sessions held within a 12 month period - details upon request.

Prices are including 20% VAT.

Portrait agreement

Portrait agreement

To secure your session please complete the following Portrait Agreement.

Tips for success

Tips for success

It can be daunting at the best of times preparing for a photoshoot and even more so than ever in the last stages of pregnancy and shortly after the birth of your baby. The following guide is designed to help you overcome any worries you might have and prepare you so that we can have the best possible session and create astounding works of art.


The first question from clients about my maternity sessions is always what to wear, especially because most expecting mamas are (unnecessarily) self-conscious about their new bodies. Whilst my sessions are always tailored to your needs and expectations I think that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman's blossoming belly and this is your one time to let your belly show.

You can't go wrong if you bring a few of the items from this check list and together we'll select the best items:

  • a basic white or gray tank top
  • a lingerie set and slip dress or long flowing dress
  • a good combination of tight fitting clothing to show off your bump

I also have a good selection of clothing that can be borrowed and that can be used to add a little extra glamour to your shoot. Try to keep your colour choices and palette to pastels and neutrals only so that we can keep the look simple, feminine and beautiful. Please ensure you bring well fitting light coloured underwear. ;-)


Simple clothing is best for newborn sessions. Mid-tones look best; cream, soft pink or even charcoal. Feel free to select a few items from the checklist:

  • a non fitting sundress in ivory or light earth tones
  • a pair of leggings with a long tunic

In the studio I have a variety of wraps and tube dresses that will allow you to reveal just enough skin to show you and your baby's bond; skin to skin. 

  • for Papa, I suggest a pair of jeans or beige trousers with a plain white or tan/oatmeal t-shirt or a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and untucked

If Papa is prepared to go topless in one shot the result can be incredibly beautiful and is a very powerful image.

For young siblings I will ask boys to go topless and will wrap girls in a simple light fabric. Older siblings could choose from the following:

  • plain white t-shirt 
  • neutral coloured simple dress

Please avoid any clothing with logos or designs as we want the focus of your portrait to be on your little baby. 

Your baby will be photographed naked for this session. Whilst I understand that it's very exciting to buy beautiful clothes for your precious one, but newborn clothes rarely fit well and fail to show the delicateness of every detail that is your new baby. I have a large number of wraps, swaddles and accessories that we can use to give your portrait a little extra something.

If you would like to bring your own accessories  I would ask that you take a look at my recommended suppliers and feel free to check with me before placing an order (please note that this is not essential as I have plenty of items in the studio, and that shipping can take some time so purchases should be made well in advance):