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Newborn Fast-Track Class


Newborn Fast-Track Class


Fast-Track Accelerator Training 

Fast-track your skills this summer with this specialised program designed to give you all you need to make the difference in your newborn photography.

I've condensed my full day workshop into this highly effective program which will teach you how I create an Authentic Newborn gallery in very little time and with consistent results. 

What You'll Learn 

You will learn

  •  my five step system for creating stunning natural light images (studio lighters will need to adapt the principle, but light is light and when used as directed the results will be the same).
  • my settings and camera hacks for getting consistent results
  • (using a stand-in-baby) my REAL workflow; Respectful, Efficient, Authentic, Loving, which will allow you to create a full and varied gallery without disturbing baby and in as little as 1 1/2 hours
  • how to simply incorporate parents into your workflow to add further impact


You will receive

  • a complimentary copy of my e-book which details everything I'll be covering, so that you don't miss a single element of the training 
  • my latest photoshop actions
  • access to The Tribe, my private facebook group where you can ask questions and request guidance at any time and I'll be on hand to help you out. You'll also have access to Authentic Newborn Alumni who you are encouraged to connect with and use as a valuable peer to peer resource. 
  • Authentic Newborn Affiliate Badge which can be placed on your website and will show potential parents that you believe in and practise this beautiful, natural form of newborn photography.

Fast-Track Accelerator Training

2 1/2 hours of intensive learning


Students are responsible for securing timely travel and hotel arrangements. Diana Moschitz reserves the right to cancel the workshop at her discretion with full refunds provided.

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One to One Consultation Add-On

Want to take it further? Still have questions that require a more personal response. I'm available for a 45 minute Skype call (to be scheduled within 6 months of your attendance) during which there are no questions that are off-limits. 

Limited to 5 alumni 

One-One consultation/portfolio review

45 Minute call with Diana Moschitz.

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Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consultation

Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consultation

Total Immersion Workshops

Developing A new generation of newborn photographers. Join us!

  • Have you ever attended a workshop that has filled you with fabulous enthusiasm and knowledge only to get back to your space and realise you have no idea how to put what you've learnt into practise in your own studio?
  • Do you learn better in a 1:1 environment?
  • Are you keen to study in an intensive environment and rapidly transform your business? 
  • Do you feel that what's holding you back requires delicate unravelling?

If this is you or has ever been you, then Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consulation is the right choice for you.

We will work together in  your own space for two days; studying every aspect of your business with theory and practise. We will analyse your set-up and together and will discover the best use of light in your space and how to aesthetically use your range of props, wraps and studio clothing. We'll begin by using a stand-in-baby to ensure that you fully understand how each set up should be photographed, which angles you'll be capturing and how to see the light. We'll work through the Authentic Newborn Workflow and I'll show you how to quickly, efficiently and respectfully create a stunning timeless gallery for your clients.  After this we'll photograph a real newborn. I'll show you how the workflow is used in action and we'll create a complete gallery together. Once the shoot is complete I'll show you my post processing workflow.

On the second day you'll be in charge. This means you are running the show with your model and I'm there to assist you, coach you and encourage you - you are the photographer on this day, it's your turn to shine! I will be looking over your shoulder, checking your settings and the back of your camera, giving you feedback and tips and will, when necessary calm and care for the baby (and you if needed ;-) ). At the end of this day we'll review your images, edit a few together and talk about any aspects of your business that you feel need attention.

This opportunity is very intensive program and is designed to really develop your skills and help empower you and give you the confidence you  need to shine.

NB. You will be responsible for finding a model/client and all model releases required.  

Investment: The investment for Exclusive Mentoring and Studio Consultation is 3500€, the non-refundable deposit of €1500 is to be paid at the time of booking. Re-scheduling is not possible so please have a back-up model/client in case of last minute cancellations. 

Participants: Participants must be comfortable using their camera in manual mode and have at least a 50mm 1.8 lens and have a studio or shooting space within which to receive their own clients. 

This very intensive offering includes:

  • 2 days training, during which time we will analyse your set-up and together we will discover the best use of light in your space and how to aesthetically use your range of props, wraps and studio clothing.
  • Use of a stand-in-baby to ensure that you fully understand how each set up should be photographed, which angles you'll be capturing and how to see the light
  • 2 live models
  • Authentic Newborn Workbook
  • Continuous support in the form of regular email communication, 1 hour Skype check-in calls every 8 weeks for the following 6 months
  • Access to Elevation Platform Facebook Group

Availability is limited - I only accept 1 new mentee a month to ensure that I have the capacity to offer ongoing support.

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Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Although during 2018 my focus will be mostly be on supporting my 1:1 mentees I will also be offering a limited number of group workshops. The locations of these are yet to be confirmed - if you are interested in hosting a workshop please get in touch.

One day workshops are from 9.30 until 16.30 and limited to 7 participants (plus the host) 

Aim: To improve your level of authentic newborn photography using natural light

Participants will:

  • understand how to control their natural light environment using a five step process
  • develop ability to “see” the light and identify how to correct common lighting mistakes
  • watch my workflow, and understand how I efficiently create a complete gallery (25 images) with as little disturbance to the baby as possible, using "REAL" Flow posing
  • practise “working their angles” through hands on use of stand-in-babies
  • watch and discus my post processing workflow (quick cull, Lightroom, Photoshop Edit using my action)
  • gain confidence in offering an authentic newborn gallery where the focus is on the unique qualities of the individual baby and family


  • Lunch & Snacks
  • Diana's Authentic Newborn Workflow guide (printed)
  • Diana's presets and authentic actions


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Alumni Review

Alumni Review


Alumni Review

Over the past few years I've had the honour of getting to know some truly incredible artists, either during group workshops or exclusive mentoring relationships. Here's what a few of them had to say about our time together...



Diana's training was a huge turning point in my career. She is so inspirational, & nothing is out of bounds in her training. She shares all of her infinite knowledge & wisdom. From the indispensable basics of wrapping, workflow & settling baby. To the insight & empowering knowledge regarding how to see & use the light. She not only nurtures your skills, but also plants building blocks for you to develop as an artist.

If you are wanting to be inspired & take your photography to the next level, then you need to train with Diana.


Mind-blowingly eye-opening. Do I say that correctly? Yes, because that is what Diana's workshop meant for me. As a professional you risk to get stuck in shoulds and musts, but she very calmly and in a relaxed manner explains and demonstrates what I as a newborn photographer almost forgot: to trust my why and my gut feelings.

Thanks so much, Diana, for showing me my way again. I will train my photography muscle with this newly acquired knowledge you gave me for the rest of my days.




After two cups of coffee on a beautiful terrace Diana takes us to her home. Her studio. She opens up her heart, brings out her best. She refreshes our minds that are full of rigid ideas of what’s right and wrong. She confirms that we made the right decision to pursue mentoring with her. By the end of the day we share a unique sense of humor and can’t get through anecdotes without crying with laughter.

I knew this trip will have an impact. But I never expected it would be this big. 

Beth Moore - Beth Moore Photography

Training with Diana has been transformative. My entire approach to newborn photography has been shaped and informed by the things I learnt from her during our intensive, two day 1:1 session. It was certainly a deep-dive into a more authentic way of photographing and spending time with Diana taught me not just the theory of this approach but crucially how to put it into practise, within my own space. Diana is inspirational and generous with her time and knowledge. Training with her has been hugely empowering and I’m proud of what I have achieved with her support. 

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