Diana Moschitz


Diana Moschitz

Diana Moschitz


Diana Moschitz is a creator and a dreamer...

and she believes that you are too.

Diana inspires and mobilises creatives to identify, visualise and celebrate their dreams, with the belief that through clarity of vision we feel greater value in what we create and we are capable of achieving so much more than we have been conditioned to believe.

Diana's creative career began with her internationally renowned newborn portrait studio, Family As Art. Through her own journey behind the curtain of her business she discovered that somewhere along the way she had lost sight of WHY she began to create. Inspired by the optimist, Simon Sinek, the author Elizabeth Gilbert and the teachings of other inspirators she began to create again, this time with love, passion and clarity.  

Diana believes that the key to success and creative fulfilment is a true understanding of what drives you.

She is committed to help creatives Identify & Visualise their vision in order that they attain limitless success and are empowered to celebrate in the unique value of their art.

Does the third person bio make you cringe? Me too! Let's face it, we put it there because we think we should and no-one's really sure if anyone reads it anyway. In case you are in fact reading the section let me tell you a few things about me that the profi biography won't tell you:

  • I ebb between making raising 4 kids look impossibly easy and borderline alcoholism - take your pick which persona you'd like to believe.
  • I grew up a touch too fast, but in all the most fun ways.
  • I stopped growing up when it came to learning to pay the bills on time and take out the bins! "Not in my job description!"  
  • I married my teenage sweetheart (truthfully, I had turned 20 one week before we met) and he continues to "raise" me with the hopes that one day I will in fact pay my bills on time and take out the bins.
  • I can't spell for tofee!
  • I love gin and prosecco. Not necessarily together, but if you're offering...
  • I collect lipsticks and gin.
  • I just took up weight lifting - check back in with me to see how that's going.
  • I convinced the saint that is afore mentioned teen dreamboat to let me get a puppy - check back in with me to see how that's going!
  • Teen dreamboat is ageing into a  delicious silver fox type and that gives me serious anxiety/motivation to sort my act out!
  • I have watched Greys Anatomy so many times that I actually stood up on an airplane when the cabin crew asked if there was a doctor on board!
  • I  have irritatingly high standards when it comes to the people I care about fulfilling their potential.
  • I don't like excuses - no matter how relevant they are.
  • There are good reasons for who I am as messy as I am and all of them have something to do with my higher than average level of genius!
  • I love gin...
  • And prosecco!

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