Authentic Newborn Action Volume I

Includes Quick Fix and the original "It's all white" action, as well as

  • full edit
  • red removal
  • lovely skin
  • black and white
  • Depth action
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Authentic Newborn Action Volume II -CC version

The Newborn actions just got better!


Four full creative edits (All the feels, Rise & Shine, Natural Baby, Black & White)

New, improved Whitening Action (It's all white vii)

Beautiful shadow enriching action (enrich)

Sharpening action for lashes and detail (Sharpest tool in the shed)

No need for portraiture skin smoothing actions (Skin tone & Texture, Magic Eraser, Frequency seperation)

Bonuses; two fantastic display actions for creating a beautiful impact collage and a quick way to add borders to your art.

Plus more...!

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