Fast-Track Accelerator Training 

Fast-track your skills this summer with this specialised program designed to give you all you need to make the difference in your newborn photography.

I've condensed my full day workshop into this highly effective program which will teach you how I create an Authentic Newborn gallery in very little time and with consistent results. 

What You'll Learn 

You will learn

  •  my five step system for creating stunning natural light images (studio lighters will need to adapt the principle, but light is light and when used as directed the results will be the same).
  • my settings and camera hacks for getting consistent results
  • (using a stand-in-baby) my REAL workflow; Respectful, Efficient, Authentic, Loving, which will allow you to create a full and varied gallery without disturbing baby and in as little as 1 1/2 hours
  • how to simply incorporate parents into your workflow to add further impact


You will receive

  • a complimentary copy of my e-book which details everything I'll be covering, so that you don't miss a single element of the training 
  • my latest photoshop actions
  • access to The Tribe, my private facebook group where you can ask questions and request guidance at any time and I'll be on hand to help you out. You'll also have access to Authentic Newborn Alumni who you are encouraged to connect with and use as a valuable peer to peer resource. 
  • Authentic Newborn Affiliate Badge which can be placed on your website and will show potential parents that you believe in and practise this beautiful, natural form of newborn photography.

Fast-Track Accelerator Training

Cantu: 7th July 2018: Fast-Track Acceleration Training
from 299.00

2 1/2 hours of intensive learning


Students are responsible for securing timely travel and hotel arrangements. Diana Moschitz reserves the right to cancel the workshop at her discretion with full refunds provided.

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One to One Consultation Add-On

Want to take it further? Still have questions that require a more personal response. I'm available for a 45 minute Skype call (to be scheduled within 6 months of your attendance) during which there are no questions that are off-limits. 

Limited to 5 alumni 

One-One consultation/portfolio review

45 Minute call with Diana Moschitz.

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