The Edit

It won't surprise you to discover that my actions and presets are simple and without fuss. They are designed to be subtle, clean and user friendly. They are all useable with the automation function (video tutorial below) so that there is nothing to stop you getting your editing done pronto! They work wonderfully together or alone and can be built upon depending on your personal preference and style. For the minimalists amongst you the "Really Quick Fix" may be all you need. For those of you who like a polished finish then you can opt to use the "All in one" action.

For details you'll find "Baby blush and Sharp Lashes" are handy and for extra depth and dimension be sure to use the "Depth" action at the end of your edit.

Looking for whiter whites? "It's all white" will get the job done whilst maintaining the integrity of your colour.

One of my favourites is "Lovely Skin" - this very subtle action lifts the grey tones in skin and leaves you with fresh, healthy looking portraits. 

Speaking of skin, I normally use portraiture on my images (tutorial coming up), but for those of you who haven't yet invested in the plugin pop the Skin Smoothing Add-on into your Cart. As a bonus you'll get a beautiful bright, sharp eyes action too.   

Don't forget to grab any video tutorials that you need - I'll be updating them whenever I can.


N.B, The creation of sellable actions isn't easy - yes, I naively thought it would be - I was wrong! I thank you for remembering the person behind the product. In this instance sharing is not caring.

Thank you for being part of the tribe. x