The Edit

The long awaited Volume II Action Set has arrived.

New actions include: "Rise and Shine" for a bright, beautiful finish with a rich shadow. "All the feels" which will give you a darker, grittier edit, and the brand new psd black and white action which is full of emotion and depth.

Old favourites have been improved - "It's all white" is even more powerful and the "enrich" action for deep shadows has a completely new feel. 



N.B, The creation of sellable actions isn't easy - yes, I naively thought it would be - I was wrong! I thank you for remembering the person behind the product. In this instance sharing is not caring.

Thank you for being part of the tribe. x

The Book

A comprehensive guide to Authentic Newborn Photography. 

  • "REAL" Flow posing
  • 5 elements to creating an authentic newborn portrait
  • Tricks & Tips to settling baby
  • Settings and Tool Kit
  • Access to exclusive Facebook group

Printed version available to purchase through Blurb.